Free public transport? (oh and the incinerators)

2023-03-25 22:02:43Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA HABJON HASANI
Belind Kellici promised free public transport today

Kellic's statement that he will be the second mayor in Europe who will enable free public transport can be ironized or attacked only with malice or a political scenario.

This is a very delicate statement, because it either turns Kellic into an excellent administrator; or dismisses him as a duplicitous and stupid impostor.

I don't know and I have no right to prejudge Kellic, the only thing that comes to mind is to ask him:

But how will you achieve it?

If Kelliçi has an engineering and professional plan studied on how it will work and how the scheme will be subsidized, and if this plan makes sense, why not? It's a very, very good thing.

It is an excellent idea and purpose.

But Belindi must be convincing in the technical analysis of the plan and he must defend his idea professionally, otherwise he will turn into a MEME, as Luli was turned into with the famous tram.

Today Belindi only made the goal clear, I think he needs time to professionally explain the trajectory of how he will achieve this goal.

Those who support it mention today only a "technical argument", according to them the subsidy will come from the interruption of payments for the Tirana thermovalizer (here they call it an incinerator, but the technical name is thermovalizer).

At this point, Belindi should be extra careful, mainly for these reasons:

a) Buses; even those for free; they cannot walk on streets full of waste and trash, the cost of waste treatment will be there.

b) Having said that, Belindi must technically explain two things now, how he will solve the problem of waste in terms of reducing expenses and how it happens that the reduced part will be injected into the public transport scheme, so he must clearly explain to us how the transfer of lek from Tirana's thermal power plant to public transport will be carried out keeping both services productive.

If he has the plan; must be supported. Pike.

There is only one problem; he must have a very clear technical plan.

That the word comes; today that we are talking, the mayor of Rome in Italy is investing 700 million euros in the new thermovalizer of this city and it is considered a project with absolute priority.

When it comes down to it, we still don't know if the thermal generators (of Elbasan or Fier) can be turned on after x weeks and we have no data that the technology invested there is a fraud, it turns out that in Elbasan and Fier there is technology of the last word.

When it comes down to it, there are reliable data that suggest that keeping the thermovalizers out of order is a well-calculated scheme and that came as a result of the blow that was given to the group that built them, while their rival clan turns out to be more connected to Belindi.

So all media axes (Klan); opposition party (LSI) and the prosecutor's office, which were invested in the attack on the group that built thermal generators, turned out to be very close to Belindi.

That being said, we have all the reasons to ask Belin some questions, in order that this sensational statement of his on public transport, is not just a bait that leads to rival business interests with the group that built the thermovalizers.

So this initiative should not be a mockery of us for the sake of the accounts of the groups that support Belin.

So Belindi, let her explain in a professional way how she solves this job; let him positively disappoint us and I will support his initiative as much as I can.

Otherwise, you become a MEME.