If Albin Kurti has gained from this Agreement, then why didn't he sign it?

2023-03-20 13:15:32Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MERO BAZE

In Ohrid, there is no agreement between the parties, but a Western agenda that forces the parties to implement it or face sanctions. All other word games, by Albin Kurti and Aleksandër Vucic, are attempts to lie to their people, for the lies with which they came and stay in power. 
The fact that the two political leaders, that of Kosovo and Serbia, do not dare to sign the European plan, shows that they want to buy time to continue their lies, hoping that someone will get lost along the way. 
For this reason, the Western plan envisages the immediate start of the implementation of the plan, which means that Kosovo must urgently start the creation of the association, which has changed its name three times, but not its content. It is now called self-management. In the end, it has to be called "self-administration", as it used to be in Tito's time. 
Albin Kurti's populist arguments spread through his militants, that "if he had accepted the association, Vuçiqi would have signed it", are banal. Vucic explained why he did not sign. He does not want to sign a legal agreement with Kosovo, a party, so there is an obstacle to what is actually a final recognition.  
If you reverse the question, then we will ask: - If Albin Kurti has gained from this agreement, if Vu?i? has de facto accepted Kosovo, if he has not formed the association and if he has fulfilled his dreams of reciprocity, then why didn't he sign? 
He did not sign, as none of his lies are in the plan. In the plan is a serious Western offer, which is really good for Kosovo and advances its state-building agenda, but it does harm to a politician who has built his entire political career on a story different from the one he is talking about. face. 
But it is not worth wasting time with Albin Kurti's lies after every confrontation with his failures.  
The best thing that the Western plan has for Kosovo is the agenda, the calendar of acts that Kosovo and Serbia must carry out. They are being defined with specific deadlines and specific content. They don't want negotiations, they just want signatures.  
If Kosovo fulfills the Western agenda for Kosovo, it passes the test. If not, neither the USA nor the EU has the time and nerve to deal with the whims of a politician, who has more important populist ideas than the western agenda of Kosovo.  
Kosovo and Serbia will simply be abandoned and isolated. But while Serbia is used to isolation and sanctions and survives, as it is not a nation that has its future tied to the West, Kosovo simply dies and returns to zero, without the support of the West. Thanks to Albin Kurti!