In Albania, murders are more frequent than weddings

2023-03-13 18:21:43Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA KIM MEHMETI
Kim Mehmeti

You have the impression that nobody in Albania cares about the truth. Maybe that's why she's dead and why in the media, and everywhere else, only two 'churches' of lies spread it: the Prime Minister's Office and the Tirana Municipality.

Albania resembles a country where crime controls the state, where no one is hindered by theft, perhaps because everyone has understood that in this country, the commoner goes to prison for stealing a loaf of bread to feed the children, but not the powerful one who does not stir the water for the Prime Minister of the country.

In Albania, murders are more frequent than weddings, because in this country the number of educated and educated young people is decreasing, those who are 'aborted' by the place where they were born and raised, and the number of those who feel good is increasing. growing among the most 'fruitful' and profitable 'gardens' - those of cannabis.

Albania is approaching local elections, but the number of those asking which of the political parties will win them is decreasing and those asking: how long will Albania lose?!

Which means that the majority has now understood that the 'Renaissance' is not easily defeated through voting, that it is a combination of today's evils that annihilate Albania and that do not allow it to become a country where there will be fake news and lies, but not so much that the truth is buried at the headquarters of the SP and the Municipality of Tirana, where there will also be murders, but no more than engagements and celebrations of the beauties of life, where there will also be vote thieves, but where a voter will not cost twenty euros and a turkey hundreds of euros.

Yes, Albania increasingly resembles a waiting room, where young people wait for the train of their happy future. The train that will take them as far as possible from the place where they were born, as far as possible from this country that is a paradise for politicians and criminals, a thorn for its people.

And where it often happens that the name of the murdered person is known, but not the name of the murderer. And that usually happens in places where the name of the thief, the criminal and the powerful person who protects them is known, but where the law applies only to the commoner, not to the powerful and the rich criminal.