Why are Albanians (un)happier than Finns?

2023-03-23 17:42:51Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA LUTFI DERVISHI
Lutfi Dervishi

Finns are the happiest people and Albanians among the unhappiest peoples. This is the conclusion of a survey that is organized every year.

If you carefully analyze the criteria used, it should be the opposite.

How can Finns be happy in a country where nothing happens, life is monotonous, time is gray and ... God forbid, there is always political stability?

How can you be happy in a country where the arrival of the train 1 minute late is considered a scandal and this fact feeds investigative journalism for weeks and months?

This is more than laughable. what should we say that... we don't have a train at all?

How can Finns be happy that they spend half their time in nature? But where is better than spending half the time in a cafe like us Albanians?

Is it a reason to be happy because you have good and free health service, good and free education at all levels, drinking water 24 hours, public transport? But how can you live happily when one has everything and everything in good quality? Our history and that of other countries has shown that the one who has everything becomes lazy.

Laziness leads to pessimism, pessimism to depression and depression to increased suicide rates. We are talking with facts. Who has more suicides, Finland or Albania?

But why doesn't Albania have the opportunity to have free education, free health, free public transport? There are, but precisely to make life more challenging and interesting - it has moved to the model, free, but costing a little.

"Finns work less, and rest more". – if it was for this criterion, we should have taken the first place in the ranking, there should have been 50 empty places and then Finland.

One of the reasons that Finns are very happy is that Finland has many forests and lakes. Is this the reason? We also have an orbital forest, but we are not proud to talk about it up and down.

Albania has wonderful beaches, magical lakes, majestic mountains, thousands of years of history, it has stronger political stability than Finland because we haven't changed the government for 10 years, and it's hard to get over the fact that we are no longer happy.

However, we are free to judge on international reports and we must admit that Albanians are less and less happy, but not for internal reasons.

If the problem of global warming, pandemic, terrorism, war in Ukraine, immigrants crossing the English Channel to Britain, India-Pakistan crisis, democracy in Maynmar, civil war in Syria, Palestine-Israel conflict, violence in Ethiopia, democracy in Wouldn't the Albanians be happier in Afghanistan and Iraq? Of course yes, but because we think about others, we also suffer for others. That's all.