The national teams, not like before

2024-06-23 11:20:00Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA NGA ALADIN STAFA
Albanian national team

The weeks are passing and after the first meetings of all the groups, every football lover has already structured in his mind an idea of ??who could be the favorites of the trophy and which are the teams that are supposed to have a difficult time passing to the next stage .

Although football is a very dynamic and unpredictable sport, the possibility of seeing the national teams of Germany, France, Portugal or Spain until the end of the competition remains high.

This is for several reasons.

The truth is that in fact, one should not start from the comparisons of the respective matches or even the results of the points. It is their skill and their physical strength that they manage to wear down any opponent they face. Through the possession of the ball or the pressure exerted.

However, in the European Championship it can be seen that there are no more easy matches and the ingenuity to succeed lies in their management. A management that can most likely be realized by classy players that the qualifying national teams have on the list. After a long season in the top 5 European leagues, the fatigue of many players who, even though they represent a culture, a nation or a certain language, are drawn to make that last step of sacrifice, taking more care of course from injuries.

Going back in time, of course we remember that the pride of playing for the national team was great, therefore the grit shown by the players was even more important. Whereas today, due to the globalization of a world with giant steps, let's say without fear that for world stars this aspect has passed into the background. Besides the fact that the generations are changing, more and more we are seeing that quite a few players are not properly representing the worn jersey.

The most concrete case is that of France where the most dominant percentage of the team seems to be formed by the collection of the best players from the African continent; a national team that does not have the domestic championship at its best level and that bows headlong to the success of some immigrants who came to that country a long time ago.

Is there more nationalism in Europe? Are there any more symbols? What is still being played?

Day by day, football is showing that it is turning into a tough business where players, even though they can perform at high levels, prioritize increasing their value and personal gain, leaving aside the moral values ??of football.

And where better than on a European stage can they realize this plan?

Social media has also played a factor in this part, where together with lobbying and marketing they have turned footballers into a product or a gladiator of modern times. The general idea is to play well in Europe so that you can win a big contract. But not to fight for your nation.

As football is a collective sport and the relationship between the players is indispensable, in the first meetings it was noticed that the stars of each national team aimed to show their individual qualities without having an organic combination with the group, giving the viewers a lukewarm game, sometimes lazy and sometimes unwilling.

For this reason, not without reason, during these years it is being noticed more and more that in this championship, that is, the European one but also the world one, playing for the national team fades away, leaving space for personal and spectacular performances. which makes us think that when they play throughout the year they are more united, even though they come from different countries.

Of course, this was only the beginning of the observation we received in these first weeks. But anyway, it is the future that will either disprove this prediction or give us the right. So in this whole game that holds the hearts of millions of fans everywhere, one thing we can say for sure, the national teams certainly don't play like they used to.