Once again for Ukraine!

2024-06-17 14:38:47Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ALADIN STAFA
Aladin Staff

The past three days have been a collective euphoria almost all over Europe where eyes are directed towards Germany, where the European football championship is taking place.

And while the competition continues, today it is Ukraine's turn to play its first match precisely in front of Romania. Although for the fans, this is not a very interesting match, not offering big names from the football arena, the curiosity is waiting for its nationals.

As we know, Ukraine has been under Russian aggression for more than two years, losing many territories in its eastern part, which has brought thousands of victims and collapsed an entire country.

But how can a national team perform in such conditions?

In order to take part in such important competitions, not only is a large amount of money needed, which apparently was provided by UEFA itself, the players together with the psychological staff will have to demonstrate a physical and mental strength to show that they are there.

Although from the Russian side a ceasefire seems far on the horizon, the players of Ukraine are obliged more than ever to represent their country with dignity and not only.

Since football is the most followed sport on the planet, it has also been used as a platform to spread messages and raise awareness among the masses.

On the other hand, the German police have taken the appropriate measures to eliminate every symbol that has to do with Russia or that can even come close to it. Ukraine's participation in this competition shows not only their footballing value, but at the same time it testifies, among other things, to the attention of people who seem to have forgotten that a war is going on in the continent where they live and that from moment to moment, the risk is very close for its spread.

Although Ukraine is devastated from a psycho-economic point of view, the team's contingent has a good technical and physical preparation with players who have performed above average in recent years.

But will they be able to show their values? Maybe the country's jersey these days is heavier than it should be for them?

Being a professional does not only mean having technical-tactical knowledge, but also psychologically being strong, and fighting not only for the result but also for a motive, which in this case is the source of hope for a country that seems as if he lost it.

The Ukrainian people will have their eyes on Munich today, where in their first match they will have the opportunity to sing their national anthem, wave their flag and show Europe that they are still there, in line before the front, tired, forgotten but not surrendered.

The same grudge is expected to be seen in the players on the field of play, that while for us it is just a football match, for them it will be the scene of a war where patriotism and the nation will cross 100 on the field. If the protests, public appeals or political conferences were too little to have the attention of Europe, we hope that football will once again become the hero of this chaotic decade.