"Nasip congratulated me on the stamp, I told him to reward him the same, Gjekmarkaj's satirical analysis: Chronicle from the Parliament cafe!

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Agron Gjekmarkaj

Today, Salianji looked at the deputies with a studious gaze.

Sitting in the corner of the cafe, he called them one by one, especially those who appeared calm and undisturbed. That sun was irritating him, the waves were making him sick.

It provided each with the worry they lacked.

After the most conversations, the one who came happy returned sullen, the uncertainty turned into trouble, the thought into guilt, the comfort into suffering, the doubt into a fellow traveler, the security turned into ashes and dust, the close seemed far away. He did it all while letting out puffs of gas and pleasure.

To the one who asked for forgiveness, he advised that revenge is the way, to anyone who begged for sleep, he gave insomnia medicine, to anyone who was thirsty, he sprinkled salt! Whoever asked for slimming recipes knew how to get fit.

Someone put it higher on the list, another put it lower. Some 20 of the Ps are convinced that they will not be after he gave them the reasons why he even found you and the substitutes so that they feel good and motivated in the future.

What are you doing like this, good man, I ask! Eh more, he answered, "politics is a business of conflict" and he was distinguishing things by himself, and his eyes were shining like a fire or hell at dawn.

Doctor Tritani was sipping a cup of coffee happily after receiving the seal. There was an anxiety, perhaps the natural shyness of Girokastrites lest someone sit there. He would have to take a coffee plus but no one bothered him. In the end he paid only one. With a sense of relief, he greeted us generously. Bledion Nallbati looked like a knight with her head and feet hanging from the void. A drone-like swirl hovered over the aura. Mamice's absence was experienced by him as a shroud.

This is Nallane's life and Virana exhaled like a ghost. Nothing bothered him. Every wound needs its own salve. I said drink anything! He- I don't get drunk! Cimbis anything! He- I don't like it. The world seems saffron, the sky is black, hell, all of you groaned together.

Gaz Bardhi, the leader, was looking at him in perspective and was shaking his head saying "the heat has played out of control, we should call Bernard Banushi, whose angry looks make even the most drunk"

Above our heads was the television, from which Ermua stood out, directing with an iron fist as if in a class war. A wild glee sat on his forehead like a pimple every time someone was denied a right. I don't leave a chance to be happy without proving that what is bad can become even worse, that what is good is ruined in the blink of an eye, so be happy with what you have.

Opposition MPs were few. The absence of the Prime Minister, Leader Muli, as a result of the punishment, had hit everyone like a drunk in the stomach. They thought that he was crucified for our cause and we sit and fight like children here and this does not suit us. But he, like a kind-hearted Hiqymet, had said sacrifice is my mission, your routine and daily routine.

Chief Albana and Chief Oerdi looked elegant and solemn as time in an attempt to show authority but also restrained genteelness at the same time. The physical absence of the Prime Minister leads us, first of all, vice-leaders and minors, to drive, to engage in vices, to pretend and compete. While the opposite shows us the quilt to stretch the legs, the ceiling where the head rests and the irrational sense of hierarchy.

The black MPs had taken the road to Germany to watch the matches and the fakirs stayed here like elves. Toni Gogu sat down heavily and frowned more and more so that his wrinkles were visible. He doesn't know that Babua has a voice for those who have a lot of wrinkles on their heads. Success lies in their absence and pretending they are.

Even though Bela didn't have Tao by her side in that curly garden, she seemed to be enjoying the solitude and the general emptiness. He was probably preparing spiritually for the big hug with Uncle Namik at dinner on the 83rd anniversary of the PPS.

General Kollcaku spoke, but after every sentence he had a dilemma, "why isn't it better to be silent?"! Nasip congratulated me on the seal. I told him to reward him the same. Petrua did not miss the opportunity to behave like a real debater.

Ismet Beqiri, with bleary eyes, dreamed of a shadow of mania in Mallakaster, listening to the bleating of the goat with a bleat and a nap! Lushnje's generous man opened his mouth and wanted a watermelon to split in the middle of the field. Evis Kushi was smiling in search of a cause.

Olta is always happier at the end of the day than at the beginning. Every passing day reduces the amount of thoughts for Majko. Yesterday I was without them.

What does Jorushi i Tabakeve choose between me and reality? Someone said Gaz Bardhin Gaz Bardhin! No one loves me, only Snow gives me a look of pity.