A fight breaks out between the policemen in BLLOK, they point their service weapons at each other (Names)

2023-01-31 12:04:05Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

A conflict between police officers led to the use of weapons between them on Monday evening. The event happened during the evening in the area of ??the former block near municipal unit no. 5.

The employee of the Rapid Intervention Force, Rigers Iljazi, together with his brother Marjus Iljazi, had a conflict with the chief of operations at the General Directorate of Police, Vladimir Laska.

Blerim Qarri and Elton Bisi were also present in the conflict, the conflict between them has worsened and both parties have threatened with the service weapon. After receiving the notification, they were taken to police station no. 2 and the Police Supervision Agency is conducting the investigation.