'Eyes of crime' in Tirana/ 15 cameras were dismantled from the apartment of Emiljano Shullazi and Pajtim Serjan

2023-01-31 10:32:04Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

15 cameras out of 155 in total were dismantled from the apartments of two people with criminal records, Emiljano Shullazi and Pajtim Serjani. These are details that came to light after the implementation of the "Fijet" operation in the district of Tirana. It is learned that the cameras were placed between the pillars and on the walls of the buildings to control the road, in the area of ??the former Park on 'Rrugë e Kavaja'. 

We pray that Emiliano Shullazi is behind bars, he spent 2 years in the "41 biss" regime, or as it is otherwise known, the "wild" prison. Shullazi was sentenced to a total of 55 years in prison by the Court of Serious Crimes for several criminal events.

Also, it is being judged for several others, the murders of Vajdin Lame and Klodian Saliu that happened in 2005, after the confession of the repentant Luftar Reçi.

Pajtim Serjani is known as Shullazi's friend, OFL knocked on his door and asked him to justify his wealth. He is a well-known name to the Tirana police, as he was arrested and sentenced to three years of fines. In 2015, Serjan was assassinated on Rruga e Kavaja.