REPORT: Fight against corruption, Albania no progress

2023-01-31 09:27:54Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The fight against corruption continues to be a worrying problem for many societies and governments in the world.

The organization Transparency International has published the annual report where it is found that 95% of the 180 countries listed have made little or no progress in the fight against this phenomenon compared to 2017.

In this report, Albania has progressed by 1 point, getting 36 of the 35 points it had last year. It is ranked 101, out of 183 countries that are evaluated, but for the experts of this organization it is considered a sign of non-progress. But experts see this impasse throughout the Western Balkans.

"Albania is not the only country in the Western Balkans region where we are seeing this stagnation in the country, experts say. We have an almost similar situation in Montenegro, although there the number of points is slightly higher. The Western Balkans as a region and the countries within it are showing very little progress during these years. Even when there is progress, if such a thing happens, it is not sustainable, said the drafters of the report.

According to Transparency International data for the years 2012-2022, Albania recorded the highest level of corruption in 2013, with 31 points, while the highest rating was in 2016 with 39 points.

In the last 5 years, Albania has not made any progress, constantly fluctuating between 36 and 35 points.

This year, Kosovo has progressed by 2 points. North Macedonia also scores an improvement of 1 point. Although Montenegro has lost one point, it is ranked best among the countries of the region, with 45 points.

The report states that Denmark has the lowest level of corruption, which ranks first with 90 points; At the bottom of the list are South Sudan, Syria and Somalia, which have long been embroiled in protracted conflicts.