Mobile phone smuggling, 4 people are arrested in Tirana, 763 phones are seized

2023-01-31 10:51:41Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

4 people were arrested today in Tirana for smuggling mobile phones.

It is learned that 2 brothers were put in handcuffs, who were smuggling mobile phones, as well as two administrators of shops that sold smuggled mobile phones.

Also, these two brothers were the owners of 5 shops, but they had them in the names of their family members to avoid tax obligations.  

Police Notification:

Tirana/Finalized by the Section for the Investigation of Economic and Financial Crimes, the police operation coded "Avoid". 763 smuggled mobile devices are seized. 4 citizens are put in handcuffs. - 2 citizens (brothers) who were selling smuggled mobile devices, in 5 entities (stores), which they had registered in the name of their family members, to avoid tax obligations, were arrested. - 2 other citizens who managed 2 of the shops were also handcuffed.

2 citizens who managed 2 other shops are wanted. Specialists of the Section for the Investigation of Economic and Financial Crimes, following dedicated controls, in various commercial entities, with the aim of identifying and combating economic and financial crimes, after information provided through information intelligence, that two citizens were trading in the stores of of them, smuggled mobile devices, have organized and finalized the coded police operation "Avoid".

As part of this operation, the following citizens were arrested: FK, 38 years old and EK, 33 years old (brothers), residents of Tirana, owners of 5 mobile phone shops; DM, 38 years old and IB, 25 years old, administrators of 2 of these stores, residents of Tirana. Also, the administrators of 2 other stores, citizens FI, 37 years old and RM, 45 years old, were announced as wanted.

The investigative actions showed that the brothers FK and EK, in order to avoid tax obligations, had registered the shops for trading mobile phones, in the name of their relatives. During the controls carried out in these shops, on the streets "Hoxha Tahsim", "Konferenca e Peza" and on "Rrugan e Durrës", the police services found and seized, as material evidence, 763 mobile devices of various types, suspected smuggled. The materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office for further procedural actions.