SERIOUS VIEWS/ With scythe and ax in hand, the fight between two families in Pukë: O Fran mor..., o cuckoo!

2023-11-21 12:11:24Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Florin Zefi/ Bardhe Zefi/ Kol Marku

The images from the moment of the clash between two families in Pukë are published, where as a result 3 people were injured, Florin Zefi , Bardhe Zefi and Kol Marku .

As can be seen from the footage, the members of the two families clash with each other, while holding scythes and axes in their hands.

The event happened the day before in the village of Gjegjan , where it is suspected that the Marku and Zefi families  clashed over property issues.

This morning there were incidents again, as it is learned that the window of the car driven by  Hil Zefi was broken .

The latter filed a complaint with the police saying that members of the Marku family threw stones at him.

The Zefi family reacted by saying to bw that if the state does not intervene, the conflict will escalate, as they feel threatened.