"I will not find peace until I find out about the death of my daughter in Albania"

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Rebecca Gannon, 29, drowned in Saranda during a dive

The family of a British girl who lost her life in Albania a year ago has hundreds of questions about the tragic event.

Rebecca Gannon, 29, drowned in Saranda during a dive.

Rebecca wanted to complete 30 dives on her 30th birthday and for this she had chosen the Spiranca Diving Center in Saranda. The dive in Albania was the 29th and the last, but it ended with the girl's death at a depth of no more than 7 meters.

George Gannon, 61 years old, her father, in an interview for Sky News , says that the authorities in Albania are hiding something from him.

"We were sitting as a family watching the Queen's funeral, when two policemen knocked on our door and said: "we have to tell you that your daughter died in Albania". I haven't been able to cry yet, I haven't even been able to mourn."

George has spent most of the last 12 months in Albania trying to find out what happened to his daughter.

"I have had no help from the Albanian government, I have had no help from the British government. Once I've been there, I've tried to contact people, but they just don't talk. It's like the whole situation has been swept under the rug, but I won't stop until I get justice."

Gannon says that Rebecca's death could have been prevented and that the place where she died was only seven feet deep.

She had submerged 25-30 meters and her death in only seven meters of water was catastrophic.