He gave 15 thousand euros before the execution, the rest..., still a mystery why Naim Murseli ordered the murder of the woman

2023-12-01 23:14:31Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Liridona and Naim Murseli

Naim Murseli, the husband of Liridona, who was killed on Wednesday evening, has admitted to the investigators that he ordered the murder of the woman, reports the media in Kosovo.

It took about 48 hours to find out what the truth of this serious event was.

Sources for the media in Kosovo inform that Murseli gave 15,000 Euros to Granit Plava to commit the murder. He would give another 15 thousand after committing the crime.

And so it happened. That evening, Plava disguised as a "robber" appeared before the Murseli family. Naimi, Liridona and 2 children were in the car. The bullets took the life of the over 30-year-old.

The husband told the investigators that everything happened after a robbery and that is why the authorities initially described the case as "robbery with consequences of murder".

But after the investigations, it was Granit Plava who initially admitted to the prosecution that Murseli was the one who paid him to commit the murder.

Meanwhile, Murseli was present during the funeral ceremony of his wife.

Recently, it was announced that a third person related to this event has also been handcuffed. He is Kushtrim Kokalla, a member of the Kosovo Security Force and at the same time the grandson of Naim Murseli.

At the moment it is not clear what his role is in this serious event, however he is suspected as an accomplice in crime.

The motives of this serious event are still unknown.