He allowed the passage of 26 kg of cannabis, the chief commissioner Stiljan Pasho is dismissed from the State Police

2023-12-01 19:47:49Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Stiljan Pasho / Drugs seized in Greece

The Directorate of Professional Standards in the State Police, after preliminary investigations, has proposed to the General Director of the State Police, who has immediately approved, the dismissal of the Police employee, Chief Commissioner Stiljan Pasho, as Head of the Border Sector, in The Local Directorate for Border and Migration, Korça.

His immediate dismissal was due to a serious disciplinary violation of the State Police regulation, provided for by article 208 "Cases of corrupt actions", point 3 "Uses his position as a police officer, for private interests for himself or for others'", and from article 209 "Serious violation of the attributes/competencies of the Police", point 1 "Without any compelling reason, does not fulfill or fails to fulfill certain duties and responsibilities, which have caused serious consequences in performance of duties".

On 30.11.2023, the Regional Directorate of AMP Elbasan-Korçë arrested the police officer Chief Commissioner Stiljan Pasho, in the framework of a criminal proceeding referred by the Sector of AMP, Korçë, for the crime of "Trafficking in narcotics".

Specifically, the investigations show that Chief Commissioner Stiljan Pasho, with concrete and direct actions, as well as using his duties in DVKM Korçë, at different intervals, has helped the citizen LL to cross the border in PKK Kapshtica, without submitting to border control in his vehicle, and ordered his subordinates not to exercise control.

The State Police says that it remains determined that, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies and citizens, remove from its ranks any police officer who abuses his duty or is involved in criminal activity.