The killing of the Albanian in Greece: The order came from the prison, the victim an important person of drug trafficking

2023-12-01 19:28:23Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The victim Thimi Prifti and the place of the event

The murder of the 56-year-old Albanian from Berat, Thimi Prifti in Athens, is suspected to have been ordered from prison. Greek media write that the victim was an important person in drug trafficking in Greece and that he had created rivalries while he was imprisoned for drug trafficking.

The last time the 56-year-old was arrested was in 2023 and he was released on bail.

He was executed last night around 21:00 below his house Palaio Faliro in Athens. The priest was taken to the hospital, but did not survive the 3 bullet wounds.

One of the 56-year-old's neighbors also spoke about the incident, explaining how the execution of the Albanian took place in front of his house. The neighbor says that a person on a motorcycle stopped in front of Thimi Prifti, took off his motorcycle helmet and shot him with a pistol.

"It was a pedestrian who shot him. The man came, parked the motorcycle, took off his helmet and the perpetrator shot him. A bullet also fell on the first floor. At that time a tenant was leaving the building with his dog. The bullet-ridden man saw the neighbor with the dog at the door, who opened the door for him and then led him down the stairs. He fell down there. At the time it happened, I had finished and was doing some last chores and a neighbor came running and said 'well, haven't you heard anything?' They shot a man, now here he is.' I came out and saw a man lying down. They had put it at the entrance of the building", said the neighbor.

Greek media reports that he was previously convicted as a member of a criminal organization for drug trafficking. Likewise, the Greek media write that he was involved in illegal cigarette trafficking and forgery of documents.

The victim was shot in the chest and taken to the hospital alive, but died a short time later. According to reports, there were two perpetrators who participated in the killing of the Albanian.

The police have launched a search for the perpetrator who was masked and left on a motorcycle, while 2 9 mm cartridges were found at the scene.