Naim Murseli, suspected of murdering his wife, is arrested!

2023-12-01 17:16:28Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The victim Liridona Murseli

Naim Murseli has been arrested by the Kosovo Police, as a suspect in the murder of his wife, Liridona Murseli.

She was killed on Wednesday afternoon in her car, near her house on the outskirts of Pristina, while she was with her children and husband.

The event was suspected as a robbery, as a person stopped them on the street and took their valuables. Then, the suspected robber fired a firearm, killing Liridona Murseli.

Suspicions were immediately raised about how she was killed in a robbery where bloodshed could easily have been avoided.

In connection with the serious incident, another person was arrested, whose identity is not yet known.

Flora Ahmeti, spokeswoman for the Kosovo Police for the Prishtina region, has confirmed that the police action is underway in Gjakovë.

"After the examination of the scene, intensive investigative actions were taken which resulted in the arrest of two suspects related to the case mentioned above. The unit of general investigations of Pristina in coordination with the Prosecutor's Office is continuing the raid operation in two locations in Gjakova", she said.