He paid 30 thousand euros to kill her, then "Babisi" of Pristina organized the burial of the woman

2023-12-01 19:57:36Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
For Liridona "family was everything"

The murder of Liridona Murseli took another turn today, worthy of a movie script! Similar to the murder that caused a stir in Greece, Charalambos (Babis) Anagnostopoulos, a pilot by profession killed his 20-year-old wife Caroline Crouch.

The 30-year-old woman was killed on Wednesday evening in Pristina. She was traveling by car with her husband Naim Murseli and their two small children. A person came forward and demanded valuables. But under unclear circumstances, as Naim Murseli took the two children, his 30-year-old wife was shot dead. An event, the circumstances of which were unclear from the beginning, but as the hours passed, they began to take another turn.

He paid 30 thousand euros to kill her, then "Babisi" of Pristina

Very quickly through social networks, but also the media in Kosovo, experts in the field raised doubts that the murder could have been staged. The main suspicions fell on the victim's husband. Not even 48 hours after the serious event, the police in Kosovo arrested two people, one of whom was her husband, Naim Murseli. While the other arrested person is Granit Plava, the "robber" who shot at the young woman.

"The author says that he was paid by Naim Murseli to take Liridona's life," the media in Kosovo write, adding that 33-year-old Naim Murseli allegedly paid his fellow villager 30,000 euros to commit the murder.

"After completing the examination of the scene, intensive investigative actions were taken which resulted in the arrest of two suspects in connection with the case. The general investigation unit of Pristina in coordination with the Prosecutor's Office is continuing the raid operation in two locations in Gjakovë , said the Kosovo police in an official response.

From the latter, there are not many details yet, so it remains to be seen what the evidence is that led the investigators to the two suspected perpetrators.

It is believed that the police were able to secure the footage of the two suspected perpetrators meeting before the crime. Even Mursel's last phone communication turns out to be exactly with the person he agreed with.

The prosecution of Prishtina also reacted to the arrest of the two persons in question.

"The Basic Prosecutor's Office in Pristina, informs the public opinion that in coordination with the Kosovo Police, in the wake of intensive investigative actions, regarding the case of dt. 29.11.2023, which was initially assessed as "robbery with consequences of murder", where a woman was left dead, resulted in the arrest of two suspects involved in this case. According to the order of the State Prosecutor and with the approval of the judge of the preliminary procedure, the General Investigations Unit of Prishtina, within the Kosovo Police, conducted raids in two locations in Gjakovë, in which case the Granit persons were arrested from this action Plava (hand) and Naim Murseli (husband of the victim), suspected in the murder of the victim, and the weapon suspected to have been used in this case was seized", the announcement states.

The event is rightly reminiscent of the case of "Babis", the Greek pilot who killed his 20-year-old wife and staged it as a robbery gone wrong. But while in the case of Babis Anagnostopoulos it took the investigators a month to discover the truth, in the case of Mursel the "show" lasted very little.

However, during this time, Naim Murseli had to play the role and this Friday appeared in front of the cameras, as he escorted the mother of his two children to her last apartment.

Sometimes with his heart in his hand, and at another moment with his hand on Liridona's coffin, Naim Murseli appeared sad at the 30-year-old's funeral.


He paid 30 thousand euros to kill her, then "Babisi" of Pristina
Naim Murseli during his wife's funeral ceremony


While his father, Shaban Murseli, in a statement to the journalists who were present at the 30-year-old's funeral, among other things, told the version that his son had apparently given him, while rejecting any hint that it could be exactly Naimi. the orderer of the murder.

"We have been living in Sweden for 32 years and we do not have accurate information, there are manipulations, rumors, but the most accurate version is that (Liridona) resisted by handing over her handbag. There was a considerable amount of money there, because they had bought a house in Pristina and were fixing it up to move into a new house. I don't know how it happened. The amount was over 3 thousand euros and they robbed him of everything, phones, whatever he had. His (Naimit's) version is that he took the child out of the car and told him in Swedish, I told him to go away. But it seems that he got a little confused with the seat belt. (Naim) Now I met him at the funeral, but today we came in the morning and I still haven't talked to him. It's terrible to be manipulated by such things. I know how much Naimi loved Liridona".

According to the initial version given by the woman's husband to the police, the murder took place in front of the couple's minor children. An even more chilling detail, given the fact that it was their father who allegedly ordered her murder.

At the moment, it is not clear what is the cause of this crime that shocked the entire public opinion.

He paid 30 thousand euros to kill her, then "Babisi" of Pristina

The couple is known to have been married for 12 years. Liridona herself wrote on her Instagram profile: "Family is everything."