Milan crash into Newcastle's number, get a draw but lose Loftus Cheek and Maingan

2023-09-19 21:02:14Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Olivier Giroud

Milan fails to defeat Newcastle in "San Siro" (1-1). In the first challenge of the group stage of the Champions League. It seems that the pressure of the deep loss against Inter in the derby had an effect on the red and blacks, who, despite dominating at times, did not succeed in defeating goalkeeper Pope.

As if the fact that the victory was not achieved was not enough, "Djalli" came out "crippled" from this challenge, after Loftus Cheek and goalkeeper Maingan left the field injured.

For both players it is a matter of muscular problems, which means that their absence could be long.

The next challenge between Young Boys and Leipzig ended with the German team winning 1-3. Simakan unlocked the score in the third minute, but the hosts equalized with Elia. In the second half, the victory of "Red Bulls" came from the feet of Schlager and Sesko.