Ticket scandal/ Black market with crazy (and funny) offers for Albania-Czech Republic: Tickets are exchanged for "Smart" or "iPhone"

2023-09-18 18:54:36Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The ticket scandal

National team tickets sold out in record time. Although the majority of Albanians complain that not only did they not manage to buy, but the system did not even allow them to approach the process. In the created situation, the black market has flourished.

TikTok remains the virtual platform that replaces the physical market. The offers there are among the most unusual. Cash payment is acceptable. One user claims to have at least 300 tickets behind the gate, which he sells at a "reasonable price": only 35 euros, from 3,000 lek which was the original cost.

Another TikTok user has released 40 tickets for sale, for 45 euros each. The madness of the prices continues with tickets that are claimed to be sold from 100 or 150 euros each, up to 200 or 250 euros for each seat.

The number is illogical, because even the Champions League final does not cost that much.

Then there are offers that seem laughable, but confirm the not-so-beautiful reality that was created around the match on October 12, where Albania hosts the Czech Republic at the National Arena.

Someone exchanges four tickets for a "Smart" car, someone else claims to receive "iPhone 15" in exchange for the tickets, which just came out on the market. There are also those bidders who do not seem serious, because they want to exchange 4 tickets for a 2+1 apartment in Tirana.

The situation has gotten out of control and the authorities must intervene. Investigation mainly by the prosecution, or the evidence of online sales from economic crime, to reach the blocking of the servers, which would reveal the dirty game with the tickets of the national team and the feelings of the red and black fans./ A2