Juventus thrashes Lazio, the whites are a formidable team

2023-09-16 17:17:53Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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Juventus won convincingly against Lazio (3-1) led by Dusan Vlahovic (double) and Federico Chiesa, applauded by 40 thousand fans of Allianz Stadium when they were substituted. The two black and white strikers continue to score (4 goals in 4 games for the Serbian, 3 for the Italian) and Massimiliano Allegri's team continues its march in the championship: 10 points in 4 games, the first success in a direct confrontation and puts pressure on the two Milan teams .


"White and White" dominated the whole challenge, while unlocking the match in the 10th minute with Vlahovic.

While in the 26th minute, Chiesa doubled the advantage for the Juventus team, making the first half end with the result 2-0.

In the second half, Lazio tried to react and managed to narrow the gap with Luis Alberto in the 64th minute.

However, the smile on the faces of Sarri's team lasted very little, more precisely only three minutes, since in the 67th minute, Vlahovic scored the third goal for his team and sealed this meeting.

After the fourth round of Serie A, Juventus temporarily climbs to the top with 10 points, one more than Inter in second place and Milan in third place, but with the two Milan teams, who have not yet played this week's meeting .

Lazio, on the other hand, is ranked 15th with only three points from four games.