The FFK official is revolted: We have rejected players from Albania! The AFL worked behind the backs of Dak and Muja

2023-09-14 20:10:41Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Bajram Shala

The manager of the Kosovo football team, Bajram Shala, has accused the Albanian Football Federation of working behind their backs against them.

The approach of Arbnor Mujë and Mirlind Dakun to Albania has prompted a series of statements among Albanian leaders in Tirana and Pristina. For "Top News", Shala said that players from Albania volunteered for Kosovo, while they did not accept for reasons of respect.

"We have internal dissatisfaction and we should have, because it has been exaggerated. We have understood when the AFL offered players from Kosovo and offered them the chance to play for Albania, but to take footballers who played for Kosovo in friendly, this is beyond the reciprocity and cooperation of the two federations. This is beyond the sporting spirit. The last two footballers (Mirlind Daku and Arbnor Muja) were part of our national team even in the age groups, while Albania approached them by working behind our backs and enticed them", said Shala.

Shala also underlined that Kosovo has rejected some Albanian players who had offered themselves, out of respect for the AFL.

"We have had several cases when footballers from Albania have expressed their desire to be part of Kosovo at different moments of their career, but due to respect or fair play with the Albanian Federation, we have not approached those footballers. They approached us. they volunteered, but I don't want to mention their names to put them in an unenviable position and be tried in Albania. We expected the same treatment, but it didn't happen," said Shala, among others.