ZYTARE/ Albania made him famous and she dismissed him!

2023-09-13 12:44:55Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Roberto Santos will no longer be the coach of Poland.

The loss in Tirana with the result 2-0 against Albania proved fatal for the coach of Poland, who leaves in this way as a failure at the head of the bench .

Poland is still in the running for a place in the European although their journey has become very complicated.

To try something more in the last matches, the Polish Football Federation has thought of making a change in the bench, this news is confirmed by all the Polish media and only the formalization of his dismissal is expected. Santos has a close connection with Albania.

In 2014, Albania won 0-1 against Portugal and this caused the Portuguese Federation to fire Paulo Benton and Santos took his place, also winning the European Championship with Portugal.