10 coaches who made their clubs spend more: No one has spent more money than Guardiola

2023-09-14 18:00:19Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is the coach who during his excellent career has made his clubs spend the most, first at Barcelona, ??then at Bayern Munich and now at Manchester City. The manager of the European champions dominates the ranking drawn up by "The Sun" on the technicians who have spent the most.

No one in the history of football has ever spent as much on the acquisition of new players as Guardiola's clubs, almost two billion euros. Only in "Etihad", where he landed in 2016, the Catalan coach has invested over 1 billion euros for the registration of 50 players.

But even in the past he has never spared his expenses, as confirmed by the purchase of Zlatan Ibrahimovic when he was on the bench of the Catalans (over 70 million) or that of Arturo Vidal (42 million) at Bayern.

Behind Guardiola, but with a longer career, is Jose Mourinho, some 100 million pounds (almost 120 million euros) behind. A gap justified by the last years of the Portuguese, who both at Tottenham and above all at Rome had to reduce his demands. The days when he indulged in lavish signings like those of Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku seem distant.

On the lowest step of the podium is the first Italian in the ranking, Carlo Ancelotti (1.6 billion euros spent), who boasts an even longer and brighter career, in the top European clubs, from PSG, Milan and Bayern Munich to Real Madrid, where Jude Bellingham arrived this summer for a record fee of 130 million euros.

There are two more Italians in the top 10: Massimiliano Allegri, with 1.3 billion spent, comes in fourth place, while Antonio Conte is eighth with just over 1 billion.

Diego Simeone ranks fifth with 1.21 billion euros in spending. After him comes another South American like the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini with 1.2 billion euros.

Thomas Tuchel holds seventh place with 1.19 billion euros. Behind him, as we mentioned above, is Conte. In ninth place is Mauricio Pochettino with 1.15 billion euros. And, the 10th place is held by the German Jurgen Klopp with 1.13 billion euros of expenses.


1- Pep Guardiola – 1.98 billion euros in 15 years of career (average 132 million euros per season);

2- José Mourinho – 1.86 billion euros in 25 years of career (average 74 million euros per season);

3- Carlo Ancelotti – 1.63 billion euros in 29 years of career (average 56 million euros per season);

4- Massimiliano Allegri – 1.4 billion euros in 19 years of career (average 73 million euros per season);

5- Diego Pablo Simeone – 1.21 billion euros in 22 years of career (average 55 million euros per season);

6- Manuel Pellegrini – 1.2 billion euros in 22 years of career (average 54 million euros per season);

7- Thomas Tuchel – 1.19 billion euros in 16 years of career (average 74 million euros per season);

8- Antonio Conte – 1.16 billion euros in 14 years of career, the two years in the national team have been removed (average 82 million euros per season);

9- Mauricio Pochettino – 1.15 billion euros in 16 years of career (average 71 million euros per season);

10- Jurgen Klopp – 1.13 billion euros in 24 years of career (average 47 million euros per season).