History: 4 Albanian referees will referee a Champions League group match for the first time

2023-09-13 17:48:43Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
A quartet of Albanian referees will judge a Champions League match

For the first time in history, a quartet of Albanian referees will judge a group stage match in the most important competition for clubs, the Champions League.

The Communication Department in the AFL informs that referees Enea Jorgji, the main referee, Denis Rexha and Ridiger Çokaj assistants, as well as Florian Lata as the fourth referee, will lead the Group G match, Young Boys-Leipzig, which will be played on the 19 September in Switzerland.

Enea Jorgji has been promoted by the Referee Committee in UEFA to the first category, while with his appearances in Europe, he aims to very quickly reach the highest refereeing category "Elite", which is actually the objective for all those who start the referee profession.

In the past, Albanian referees have refereed international matches of the eliminatory levels or even important international friendlies, but not UEFA Champions League group stage matches.