Better late than never/ Asan's case should not be repeated, the invitation as RED BLACK was long missed!

2023-09-15 09:31:28Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Yasir Asani

" Better late than never ", this is the expression that applies today to Jasir Asani.

At least the consolation is that since March, we see the winger wearing the jersey of the national team and seeing what he has given in the first five games, apart from being a bet won by Silvinho, we are also lucky that the 28-year-old did not has moved to the national team of North Macedonia.

He played, excelled and won the title with Partizan in Albania, moved to Hungary and was never given the opportunity to wear the national team shirt, neither by Kristian Panuçi nor by Edi Reja, (the two former Italian coaches of the representative team before Silvinho) although he recently admitted that he has been in contact with the AFL before.

The Skopje-born player had to move to South Korea and through the videos during the matches, the Brazilian trusted him and booked an invitation for him, which Asani has rewarded very well so far.

It is a pity that several years have been lost from this footballer, and the AFL should be more attentive in such cases, because Jasiri has been here for several seasons.

As we are proud of Cikallesh, Uzun or Muçi who have come out of the domestic championship, this strategy should continue currently and in the future, as there are still few names for a group of 24-25 footballers.

So attention should always be paid to our nursery, both in National A and Shpresat or even below, as Berisha, Strakosha, Gjimshiti, Hysaj, Balliu, Ismajli, Kumbulla, Bare, Bajrami, Asllani, Broja or Shpendi, Medon Berisha and Pajaziti and many others were not formed in Albania.