Sylvinho: We still have three finals, we cannot think that we have qualified. We always keep an eye on Serie A

2023-09-15 19:49:21Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The enthusiasm of the victory with Poland is still high and this is understandable, because with this success Albania has increased the chances of going to the finals of a European for the second time.

The architect of this winning and entertaining team, the Brazilian Sylvinho, has been put in the spotlight by foreign media.

The coach of Albania gave an interview in Italy to "Radio Sportiva", where he explained that the results came thanks to the professional work of the staff and footballers.

An Albania that has made all its fans dream, given that for the next match against the Czech Republic, it is known that tickets are being sold like cakes, due to the great enthusiasm... What was the thing that pushed them to do a journey worth the first place in the group?

In fact, we have been working for 8 months and counting. I found a very good environment there. Federation and very strong footballers. People with a lot of energy and we had no choice but to go and work.

I have decided together with the technical staff to practically live in Tirana. I also told the president that I have to live here to start a job, an important journey.

Then, as I said. We have the footballers. Very strong players and we are working to energize the squad and organize it as best as possible, so that we get the most out of each of our players.

We are doing very well and we are at an important moment for Albanian football, but, as you already know, there are still three games, three finals, to go. We have done very well so far, but we have to do something more in the other matches to qualify.

Since many footballers play in Italy, you should also keep an eye on Serie A, to study those players well...

Yes, true. Every 15 days we are there with the staff, in Florence, Milan, everywhere. We take advantage of everything, we meet the players, but we also enjoy good food and coffee (laughs).

We have many footballers in Italy, such as Ismajli, Bajrami, Gjimshiti, Hysaj, Asllani, Ramadani, Kastrati, but also some other young people, 18-19 years old, whom we are following, because after a while they may join us.

As we are talking about young footballers. Is it better for them to grow in a small club, but with a lot of minutes, or as in the case of Asllani, who plays in a prestigious club like Inter, but with a reduced minutes? We refer to Asllan, because he is one of the biggest talents and who you probably wish he played more...

I think it is very nice that footballers play in big clubs. However, to improve it is important to play as much as possible. I am not in a position to tell my footballers what to choose, unless they ask me for advice. To choose, they have a full staff, with agencies and managers, who analyze many factors and make the best choice. We are happy with everyone and we have a lot of good footballers available, but that's it, as I can't advise them where they should play. I think it's nice for a footballer to play in a big club, but also have minutes available.

We are on the verge of the Milan derby and you are a "former" at Inter, who last season played in the final of the Champions League, while this year has started with three victories. What do you think about Inter, which is at a historic moment?

Last season started a bit difficult, but then the coach and the staff have done very well, going all the way to the final of the Champions League. He found a very strong opponent, but he played until the end and had the chances to do even better.

Inter is strong, with a great coach. Footballers can do anything. They are a team that defends very well and then goes on the attack very quickly.

There are players who can really decide a match. It's a beautiful team, built very smartly.

What moment is the Italian national team experiencing, with the departure of Mancini and the arrival of Spalletti? How do you see the fact that he won the European Championship, but did not qualify for the World Cup?

I have to be honest. Since I came to Albania, in January, I have practically seen very little of Italy. I have decided to live in Albania and follow all the Albanian footballers wherever they play.

Ok, I came with a lot of enthusiasm and I have a president who speaks very good Italian, because I am a very communicative guy and I don't like a translator in the middle. But then, as soon as I started work, I saw that we have 60-70 Albanian footballers who play around the world and should be followed.

Mancini is excellent and did a fantastic job in the European Championship, where he won. Then came the disappointment of missing out on the World Cup. The personal choice to leave is difficult to comment on. It's very personal and he knows best the reasons why he decided to leave.

I am of the opinion that a man should be dedicated to the maximum as long as he is in a job and when he leaves, there is no need to comment, but simply to remember him for what he gave.

The listeners are suggesting me a name, Endri Zenelaj, who plays for Cavese in Serie D and who is a promising talent. I don't believe you have managed to follow them to such levels, after looking at the most exposed players?

Of course. Then there is other work being done within the Federation at the moment. They are all 18-19 year old footballers who play in Italy or Switzerland, who are followed regularly and play with the age groups and to come with us in the future. We have many young people in Europe, who are followed with interest.

Is there a promise for Sylvinho, in case of qualification?

I, together with the staff and the president, were very satisfied with the match with Poland, as we won, played a good match and were in a stadium with a fantastic atmosphere created by the fans. In order to achieve the objective, I told everyone: Guys, we have three more finals ahead of us, three very difficult matches and we cannot think that we have qualified.

The group is difficult, as the Czech Republic has not lost a single match. We lost the first match against Poland. Moldova lost here, but there is still competition between us. Anything can happen, so we have to go into November in the conditions to qualify. I only think about this.