Sylvinho tells when he heard about Albania for the first time: It was 2014 when...

2023-09-16 15:58:57Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

For the first time, the coach of the Albanian national team, the Brazilian Sylvinho, heard about Albania in 2014.

He affirmed this himself in a Podcast with Edi Rama, asked by the latter exactly about this.

"In 2014, from Manaj. I trained him at Inter Milan. I was with Roberto Mancini. I met him there. He was very young, 18 years old it seems to me", said the Brazilian from the Albanian bench.

"So, the first time that Albania entered your concept of the world?", continued Rama

"Yes", answered the Brazilian.

Meanwhile, the latter's explanation regarding the temptation to lead Albania was interesting. Not from money, but from language!

"When I received an invitation for dinner with the President of the Federation, the first thing is that we spoke Italian. I already had experience at Inter and I spoke Italian.

After that, I started to see Albanian players walking around. I saw that they spoke English, Spanish, Italian. I am a person who communicates and I thought that there I would be able to communicate with all the footballers without a translator, even in the Federation with the President. There I had a push, a big push. Then, after dinner, after seeing the federation I got even closer and, really, I had no more doubts. I spoke with Dorivan, Paolo agreed, it was very good for him and after that it was easy."