Albania-Czech, reacts ASHF: Tickets finished, sold in record time

2023-09-17 17:02:34Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
"Air Albania" Stadium

The Albanian Football Federation has reacted after the record sale of tickets for the match between Albania and Czech republic, valid for the 2024 European Championship.

The reaction of the ASHF does not address the publicly raised problems for the "disappearance" of tickets, while only the problem with the decline of the "online" page due to the numerous visitors is mentioned.

Thousands of citizens tried to buy tickets online but were unable to get it because the site was not working. What happened next was that for a matter of hours or maybe even minutes, the site was back up and running, but the tickets were all sold out.

Reaction from the FSHF:

The next meeting of our national team, Albania-Czech Republic, which will take place at the Stadium "Air Albania" on October 12, at 20.45, is indisputable a match of very high interest from the Albanian public living in and outside Albania.

This qualifying season for ticket sales, the Albanian Football Federation has made available to the public the portal This is the only goal for sports fans who want to attend national team matches at home or in transfers, to make it easier to book and buy them.

For this match we have acted and followed the same procedures and rules as in matches with Moldova and Poland where each applicant can purchase no more than 4 tickets. The FSF announced the start of the process on Friday, September 15. But due to overload and the large queue of applicants the system has at times been down, which have stabilized and the sale started at 21.15pm as announced in our official channels of communication.

On the ticketing portal and the official website of the Federation there were over 300 thousand people waiting in the hours before and during the sale of tickets.

Tickets released on sale in record time are over. At the same time we want to clarify that tickets requested by organized fans supporting the national team at domestic and international matches are reserved and distributed to the tifogic teams that make the distributions for their members.

Cases of individuals who have made payments and failed to receive the ticket from the ticketing portal have all been resolved with the banking system that has reversed all the payments made.

We thank all the fans for their interest and we ask and want to be understood by them for not having met all their demands. Any stadium built would be insufficient to meet the requirements for this match.

The Albanian Football Federation wishes to have a positive result in this important match of the national team on the road to the European Championship and to celebrate the successes of the Albanian boys.