Analysis/ Inter-Juve returns: The battle for the title will be an Italian derby?

2023-09-18 19:07:58Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Allegri and Inzaghi

The Milan derby has cast a doubt on the championship: for the title it will not only be Madonina's derby, but more the Italian derby.

"Gazzetta dello Sport" came to this conclusion today, highlighting the strengths of Inter and Juventus.

Inzaghi's side, in his third year as coach, display lines of play that are as sure and distinct as a 5-lane highway. Zikaltri play today with greater conviction and the self-esteem that a Champions League final gives you. Management maturity has increased. In constant search for dominance, which he did not have in the recent past.

Instead, Juventus made the quality step in the game. This was seen in Udine, while in Empoli there was a step back. For Lazio, however, there was a new comeback, promising for the future. No nostalgic consequences, with Vlahovic and Chiesa at full capacity, with a well equipped squad (Kean, Weah, Cambiaso, Milik and Fagioli), even if the quality of the midfield is currently lower than that of Inter, Allegri can fight very well for the title, because it has a unique treasure: a full week of work without European cups and without the risk of injuries.

The current situation is clear: Inzaghi's team, first with 12 points, and Allegri's, second with 10 points, proved stronger and gave solid guarantees of consistency, while Napoli changed their coach and is suffering. Milan "changed engine", while Lazio has already fallen three times, there are problems that go beyond unexpected "accidents".

In the derby, Inter gave an impressive test of strength. 40% possession was enough on Saturday to demolish Milan. Zikaltri let the ball pass to the opponent, without worrying too much. They took it when it was time to push forward, counter-attacked, and scored 5 goals. There are no better averages in Europe, including Manchester City.

For efficiency, quality and interdependence of functions, Barella-Calhanoglu-Mkhitaryan are approaching the trident of Real Madrid, which has made an era: Modric-Casemiro-Kroos. The amount of assists puts the Dumfries-Dimarco couple at the top of the ranking in the top 5 European championships.

Juventus, on the other hand, made the leap in quality of play. The continued aggression against Lazio, despite the double advantage, is the absolute antithesis of Allegri's last two years. To do so against one of the best teams in Serie A, like Lazio, is no small feat. It is no accident that we have seen "the best Chiesa", as Max said. Vlahovic is also explosive, at his best. So will Inter and Juventus compete for the title?