The road to "Euro 2024", Silvinjo confesses: We will not lack spirit and heart on the field, we will do our best!

2023-09-19 16:29:04Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The coach of the red and black national team, Silvinjo

The Albanian national team is going through a golden period, where they are separated by only 3 matches from qualifying for the 2024 European Championship. Coach Silvinjo, who has restored harmony in the team, has a great credit for this.

In an interview for Euroneës Albania, the Brazilian confessed his journey to the Reds and Blacks, while he dwelled on several issues, among them that of Broja.

Silvinho has claimed that he is closely following the situation of the Chelsea striker.

"We are following Broja closely, he is very close to being ready, but not at his 100%. In this way, we don't want a problem with either the footballer or the club, if he is ready, we will invite him", said coach Silvinjo.

Despite his absence, the group is going through a good form, while they have maximum evaluation from the technician.

"To tell the truth, all footballers are very good. The ones who surprised me the most are those who played against Poland for the first time. The spirit of the competition and the hunger for victory helps them at such levels", answered Silvinjo.

The good form that Albania is going through, means that Silvinjo is in the center of attention. Wherever he goes, the citizens greet him, but do not hesitate to give him opinions.

"It happens all over the world to have involvement, it is a very passionate sport. Everywhere you go, people are talking and giving opinions. President Duka has never interfered, he is a professional", said Silvinjo.

This has helped him slowly learn the Albanian language...

"Good morning, goodbye, good night", are some of the words he has learned so far.

Further, the technician stopped at the Air Albania stadium, which is a modern facility.

"The stadium is in fantastic condition and it is quite good to play challenges there".

In conclusion, a message for the red and black fans, who were more than 23 thousand in the match against Poland.

"From the first day I said, we will not lack spirit, heart and desire on the field, we will do our best".

Albania will return to action against the Czech Republic at home on October 12, then face Moldova in the transfer on November 17, to conclude the qualifying phase with the Faroe Islands in Tirana.