Unprecedented! Extraordinary reception of Ronaldo in Iran (VIDEO)

2023-09-19 18:21:06Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Extraordinary reception of Ronaldo in Iran

Sometimes there are no words to describe a situation. What has happened in the last few hours in Tehran, since the moment when Cristiano Ronaldo set foot in the capital of Iran, is unprecedented. The Portuguese superstar traveled with the rest of Al's squad and his presence in Tehran caused... an "earthquake".

The first surprise awaited him in the VIP room of the airport after the leaders of the rival club Persepolis presented him with a handmade carpet.

After the official welcome was over, the aftermath was chaotic as there were hundreds of fans outside the airport wanting to see him up close. Even before he made his appearance, some made sure to wait for him with his signature winning manner.

However, it was impressive that among those waiting impatiently were also many small children with Al Nasr jerseys or photos of Cristiano in their hands.

After much toil and suffering, the bus finally arrived at the hotel. Cristiano left accompanied by heavy security as people gathered there rhythmically chanting his name.

And the frenzy of fans to see the Portuguese up close led some to climb a dangerous hill, on which the hotel is built! But they didn't stop there!

The crowd managed to enter the lobby of the hotel, chanting Ronaldo's name, and this turned into a problem for the footballer's safety.