"God's hair" is destroying Portugal, Ronaldo becomes a meme in the network

2022-11-30 14:16:09Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Portugal took two wins in the first two matches of the Qatar World Cup, immediately securing qualification for the next stage.

However, the goal that opened the challenge against Uruguay has become an issue, so much so that there have been numerous reactions from experts, even from Adidas, which produces the official ball of the competition.

The company said that the sensor placed on the ball did not detect any fluctuation when it passed by Ronaldo's head.
Meanwhile, sports journalist Oliver Holt has recently said that this episode is turning into an issue in Portugal, which could then negatively affect the group.

Even after the match, Ronaldo has "sworn" that he touched the ball, as if Portugal's goal had not been called at all. FIFA awarded the goal to Bruno Fernandes, who crossed.

Commentators on social networks have been harsher. The memes and modified images of the Portuguese star have been endless, but the reactions have also been harsh.

Many have written that "God's Hair" is destroying the Lusitanian national team.