La Liga demands sanctions: Juventus to be punished for violating the rules

2022-11-29 15:09:26Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The Juventus earthquake caused by the resignation of its management board continues to have consequences. The case, which investigates alleged tax fraud, has not gone unnoticed in La Liga.

As AS revealed, they denounced the Italian team to UEFA, but now it goes a step further. The institution headed by Javier Tebas has requested sports sanctions immediately against Juventus.

" Following the resignation of the Juventus Board of Directors late on Monday, November 28, La Liga demands that sporting sanctions be applied to the club immediately. La Liga has already lodged an official complaint against Juventus with UEFA in April 2022, in which it reported breaches of Financial Fair Play regulations that Italy's Guardia di Finanza was investigating.

Specifically, the complaint accused Juventus of calculating transfers above their fair value and understating employee expenses, which is a violation of UEFA's financial fair play. In addition, the complaint accused Juventus of concealing the true salary bill of its players, " LaLiga said in a statement.

It is not the first time LaLiga has made these complaints and it was partially successful.

In the past, he managed to get UEFA to sanction Manchester City and PSG for complying with economic fair play by banning them from European competitions, although TAS stayed the punishment.

Now, in this complaint against Juventus, the possibility of the Italian club being excluded from UEFA competitions is again on the table. Although it will be necessary to see if the sanctions reach as immediately as La Liga claims.