The fiancee was in a relationship with both, De Bruyne and Courtouis do not speak to each other because of infidelity

2022-11-30 16:53:35Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The two Belgian footballers

The Belgian national team is full of stars, but they are on the verge of elimination in the groups and the situation does not look good at all, as there have been many fights between the players. Replies have been harsh, where they try to blame each other.

After Hazard's spat with Vertonghen, another conflict appears to be tearing apart one of the World Cup's most talented squads. De Bruyne and Courtouis, two former close friends who grew up together in all the chain teams, have not spoken to each other since 2013.

The cause is the ex-fiancée of the midfielder Caroline Lijnen, who 8 years ago traveled to Madrid to start a parallel story with the goalkeeper who at that time was active at Atletico.

As soon as he discovered the betrayal, De Bruyne decided to have no further communication with his friend and since then, the two have not had any verbal contact.