"Don't you dare shout at me", Albana Vokshi collides with Petro Koçi: Be careful in this commission, you have acted...

2024-04-25 12:35:12Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Investigative Commission

The Chairperson of the Investigative Commission for PPP in Health, Albana Vokshi , debated with the MP, Petro Koçi.

" Don't you dare shout at me, you acted shamefully. Be careful not to raise your voice in this committee ", addressed Vokshi, Petro Koç, who spoke without a microphone from the place.

Korreshi:  To clarify, Mr. Ndeca, I believe that the chairman of the Law Commission speaks twice as much as the rest of us, Klodi Bushka, if it seems to you that we are talking more than you, we are removing the word.

For the procedures, the president should have seen the cameras that enter here now, because they say that there have been since Rai 3.

They cannot stay here without permission. The plan they are looking for is not complete, because they did not define the 8 or 8 format, we will make it a podcast or with a confession room.