The Investigative Commission for Health meets today, will a consensus be reached?

2024-04-25 08:56:19Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Commission of Inquiry on Health

The Investigative Commission for concessions in Health will meet again today at 11:00. Last meeting, the parties did not reach an agreement to approve the investigation plan, and this point will be discussed again today.

It is expected that the investigation plan will integrate both drafts of the parties, while the approval of requests for information is also on the agenda.

The investigation plan of the opposition foresees that Prime Minister Edi Rama, former ministers Beqaj and Manastirliu, minister Koçiu etc. will be called in the list of witnesses. While the majority wants to extend the list of witnesses to all the former ministers of health since 2006, that is, including the ministers of the government of Berisha 1 and his subsequent coalition with Meta, as well as audit officials of KLSH.

The SP has proposed that the investigations extend since 2009. According to the SP, the Ministers of Health since December 2006, as well as all the former leaders of the Health Care Center since October 1, 2009, should be questioned.

This commission is investigating check-up and sterilization concessions while withdrawing from the investigation of hemodialysis and medical laboratories.