BOMBA/ Meta MET ISMAILJAN in Vienna some time ago? Lawyer: I'm BEGGING him not to...

2024-04-24 15:55:41Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The Breaking show on Top News

The well-known lawyer Romeo Kara made a strong statement today in "Top News" as he alluded that Ilir Meta may have recently met Kastriot Ismailajn in Vienna.

The businessman of the CEZ-DIA mega affair, Ismailaj, according to the lawyer Kara, was met by Meta to be seduced by him, so that he would not confess to justice against him.

In the "Breaking" show, Kara went further, saying that it is suspected that an arrest warrant was issued for Meta these days, but it was not executed because the head of the PL issued a series of strong threats.

Excerpts from Karaj's statement on the show "Breaking" on Top News:

Another witness was the former first president of LRI, whom Meta calls a blowhard, this witness said that Meta demanded a minimum of 10 million euros, he said that Meta took 200 thousand euros with his bag, the brown bag that he had. And these were not found, remember? It has been proven that the ERE decision was illegal. Meta lies at every turn.

Don't we know that this was at the end of 2010 the Minister of Economy? He says I was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he was there, paid by CEZ, and the Mandarin hotel was paid by CEZ-DIA, he was with Ismailaj, it is TIMS. But he also met some others there. This hotel has left there in TIMS a car 507 a mercedes, which was not official for the Embassy to use. The black E-Class, AEY 507 bought in Carlo Vivar by a Russian, put to the use of Qazim Tepshi by force, so that they would not follow him in an official way.

I have walked further than this one thinks. All this must be verified with evidence, and people have been asked, they have spoken. If there is a frenzy, a ferocity in front of me, since it is fake, I use it as an opportunity to revitalize.

They say that an arrest warrant was issued a few days ago and he threatened. It is the shame of the Albanian state that we are threatened by lightning. An arrest warrant is believed to have been issued and not executed. If justice itself does not do its job, I say to this people from morning to evening, go to the revolution. These are criminals, these are outlaws.

They went to Kasneka, turned off the cameras and met Ismailaj in prison. He was abused a lot in prison. Did he meet anything in Vienna now that he was? That he was very careful to say "Mr. Kastriot Ismailaj" in all his swearing. He is licking Ismailaj, he has apparently contacted. He made a threat that he said that even God does not protect you, and that he falls to the biggest table, and said to Altin Duman, I will investigate you from generation to generation. Who are you threatening? This person is suspected of all the murders, from the brother of Aleksandër Nodoka, to the shopping with Profarma, the clash with Tom Doshin, and all the influence he has on Fier's groups.