Is Albania harmed if Beleri is elected MEP? How does Edi Rama answer?

2024-04-24 21:58:24Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Edi Rama

In an interview for Report TV, Prime Minister Edi Rama also spoke about the elected mayor of Himarra, Fredi Beleri, and showed the current state of relations with his Greek counterpart, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Rama repeated the position that Fredi Beler's case belongs to justice and here is the red line.

Fredi Beleri will be the official candidate for the EP of the Mitsotakis New Democracy, believe that his election can damage the integration process of Albania. Is the ice melting with the Prime Minister of Greece?

Edi Rama: Again with whom, cooling, heating? My relations with the Prime Minister of Greece are very good. They have not changed even at the time when the relations between the two countries suffered this kind of shock not because of us. Because I believe in communication, confronting the truths. It is impossible for me not to say what I think. At the same time, I am open and willing to listen even if I disagree. This is a dialogue that has continued and has never been interrupted, but it happens that in the state reports that are conditioned by the political position, political agenda, interest according to one and the other of their own state, there is also a shock of relations. In this respect, there is and will not be a problem from my side.

As for the progress of the process, it requires something from me that I do not comment on. For me, it is a matter of Albanian justice, and that's where it ends.

What happens in Greece and what those who share the nationality with the master do is not my business, but here every Albanian citizen, regardless of nationality, is subject to Albanian justice. To this justice that, as it is independent and free to do what it thinks, when it strikes individuals within the yard of the SP, undisturbed, it is free to do what it thinks when it strikes individuals in every yard of every party and in every part of the court of Albania when it deems it reasonable as a result of violation of the law. In this process of becoming a state of Albania, this is an aspect on which we do not negotiate anything with anyone, neither within the party nor between parties, let alone with another state.