PLARENT NDERCA collides live with the MODERATOR/ Debate and irony for commissions

2024-04-24 20:46:42Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
SP MP, Plarent Ndreca on the Breaking show on Top News

The deputy of the Socialist Party, at the same time the vice-chairman of the parliamentary investigative committee for sterilization and check-up, has conducted a not a little awkward interview, as he was asked on the show "Breaking" about the clashes but also the accusations that the opposition makes against him.

Ndreca said in "Top News" that the changes made to the law on investigative commissions, according to him, were made to avoid the opposition's "tallavans" with these commissions. In the interview where there was no shortage of debates and ironies, Ndreca said that there is no conflict of interest in the investigative commission for health, although he admitted that he did not sign the statement about this.

When the journalist confronted him saying that he defended the former Deputy Minister of Health, Klodian Rrjepaj, who today is behind bars accused by SPAK, Ndreca said that "it is not true" although he added that Rrjepaj is presumed innocent.

Excerpt from the interview:

Plarent Ndreca: The investigative commissions had become more of a political show and not a serious parliamentary investigative commission

Dafina Hysa: In relation to the persons who could be called to these commissions, but the changes, for example, don't the possibilities of the opposition in these investigative commissions change?

Ndreca: The investigative commissions are not of the opposition

Journalist: But usually the opposition asks them to search, you don't ask for commissions of inquiry.

Ndreca: That you have the right to request does not mean to make decisions... that the Albanian people did not vote for the requesters.

Journalist: Let's go to the restrictions, you as a majority can decide to keep it behind closed doors, when the matter may be of great public interest.

Ndreca: But what do you think, should we base it on your opinions? That's why we voted. The fact that the opposition is asking for it does not mean that this commission belongs to the opposition

Journalist: Do you make it impossible for the opposition to achieve its goals through the investigative commission?

Ndreca: No, we do not allow any action that contradicts the constitution and the law. We do not deny that if this were the case, we would have had no reason to take all these actions that we have undertaken so far in the relevant commissions. The investigation must be based on constitutional principles and not turn into a political mess.

Journalist: If it was a political swindle, how is it explained that you left the old commission for so long, and therefore produced swindles?

Ndreca: We have not produced political scumbags, the majority is serous, the fact that there were no very clear provisions in the old law does not mean that the possibility did not exist. The rest of the opposition does not aim at the real investigation of the investigative objects, but has always aimed at making a political show.

Ndreca: I see you didn't follow it carefully, and it's better not to interrupt me if you invited me to speak. In every speech of members of the opposition, it is said "affair", "affair" if it is an affair, what is the investigative commission for?

Journalist: You know very well that two commissions are in SPAK, and for one of them there are official charges, the opposition has the right to use the word "affair".

Ndreca: Not at all

Journalist: Do you question the work of SPAK? You also protected a deputy minister...

Ndreca: No, it is not true at all, I have not defended any deputy minister. Only when the court decides can you as journalists and the opposition be given the right to call it an "affair". The opposition does it with the sole purpose that you journalists also fall prey to this incorrect perception.

Journalist: You have been accused of a conflict of interest, if you are not, why did you refuse to sign the statement from the first moment

Ndreca: Who said that? You?

Journalist: We followed you in the commission

Ndreca: Not only did you not follow me, you may have followed other things but not the commission.

Journalist: Did you sign this statement?

Ndreca: No. Where did they submit this statement? That I know they haven't delivered it. I have no private conflict of interest.