Rama's phone call to the director of RAI causes a strong debate in the Italian parliament: Unacceptable!

2024-04-25 09:26:27Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Paolo Corsini and Edi Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama's phone call with the head of the Italian public network RAI has brought the reaction of the parliamentary media committee, which is also known as the RAI Supervisory Committee.

The commission calls this call by Rama an unacceptable and flagrant interference in the freedom of the media.

For the chairman of the RAI Supervisory Commission, Barbara Floridia, " it is paradoxical that a foreign head of government directly interferes with a public service manager after being mentioned in a journalistic investigation. Even if the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, believed that he was harmed in some way by the investigation of 'Report', this cannot in any way justify his direct intervention in Rai ".

" I hope that there will be a broad consensus of all political forces in the fight against external interference in information in order to protect the independence of the media ," she added.

Even tougher were three members of this commission, Dario Carotenuto, Dolores Bevilacqua and Anna Laura Orrico.

" As if the pressure of Melon's government against the broadcasts of 'Report' was not enough, now the heads of governments of foreign countries are also involved, such as the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. Let's ask Giorgia Meloni a simple question: do you think it is normal for a public television host to be contacted directly by the Albanian prime minister to complain about a journalistic report? Don't you think you should personally intervene to avoid what seems like an unnecessary intervention of the Albanian prime minister in the freedom of the press and the independence of Italian journalism? If he really cares, as he often likes to say, "the sovereignty of the nation", let him talk to his friend Rama and tell him that Italy cannot tolerate such events. As for RAI, we ask that every detail of this matter be clarified ", their statement says.

Undoubtedly, the situation is being used by the Italian opposition, against Prime Minister Meloni, which Rama also emphasized in his writing. However, this has not stopped the reactions.

" Now we can call it RAIA, Italian Albanian Radio and Television! " - declared with irony the deputy of the Green and Left Alliance, Angelo Bonelli. "The direct contact of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama with the director of Rai, Paolo Corsini, represents an attempt to influence Italian television and investigative journalism in particular.

Prime Minister Rama's phone call is unacceptable interference that goes beyond the single case of "Report" and affects a wider problem of freedom of the press and the independence of the state media, which should serve the public interest instead of acting as tool for the current political interests of a political representative, even outside Rai's territory and carried out under the direction of Prime Minister Meloni. It is essential to reiterate that state TV must be free from any form of political interference, to guarantee citizens accurate and unmanipulated information" - stated Bonelli, according to  ANSA .