Begaj comments for the first time on the Beleri case: Let's let justice do its job!

2023-09-22 18:40:23Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
President Bajram Begaj

President Bajram Begaj has commented for the first time on the issue of the arrest of Fredi Beleri, which led to the tension in Albania-Greece relations.

Begaj said that this matter is not in the hands of the President and we should let justice do its job.

"Albania's relations with Greece are relations of a strategic partnership, based on the best values ??of neighborliness and mutual respect.

I received the Prime Minister of Greece in my office, we discussed new and old issues.

This issue is not in the hands of the president, it has to do with justice. Let justice do its job. I think that justice after the reform made with political consensus is on the right track and is independent", Begaj said in an interview from the US for the Voice of America.