Italian fisherman, 45 minute fight with 3 meter long freshwater fish

2023-06-05 23:41:25Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Fish almost 3 meters long is caught in Italy

An Italian fisherman "struggled" for about 45 minutes in the Po River until he managed to catch a giant catfish, which is almost 3 meters long and may be the largest ever caught.

What started as a normal day of fishing on the Po River for Alessandro Biancardi quickly turned into an unforgettable day for him.

"This is a Guinness World Record. I never thought I would have been able to catch something like this alone," he said.

After he managed to get it to the river bank and took pictures with it, the professional fisherman decided to release the giant again. "I hope another fisherman experiences the joy it gave me," he said.

“I quickly realized that I had caught a monster. Adrenaline was at its maximum, while the fear that he could save me was great, but in the end I succeeded", said Alessandro, who has been fishing for 23 years.