Which window will you open? What you choose will reveal a lot about you and your hidden traits

2023-06-05 22:56:50Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Which window will you open?

Quizzes, psychological tests, riddles and optical illusions are among the favorite things of Internet users. Nothing is more fun than being able to figure out how an optical illusion works.

The image below consists of 5 windows. Which one do you choose? This will reveal a lot about you and your hidden traits.

Window 1

If you chose window 1, you are most likely an introvert. You like to live in your own world and immerse yourself in your own thoughts. You are a kind person and do not tolerate lies, but there are times when you do not allow others into your world, keeping a distance from them.

Window 2

If you chose window 2, you put family above everything else. Nothing is more important to you than the institution of the family and you prefer to spend most of your time with them. You like to take care of others and you stand out for your sensitivity, which, in addition to being a virtue, often becomes your weakness.

Window 3

If you chose window 3, you are a free spirit. You don't compromise easily and you don't like to be deprived of your independence. You don't follow social rules, but you live with discipline. You like to show loyalty to others, but when they don't do the same, you show your worst side.

Window 4

If you chose window 4, you have an unusual personality and a genuine curiosity about everything. You are sensitive, creative and romantic in nature and you always like to see the bright side of things. You always think outside the box and never settle for mediocrity.

Window 5

If you chose window 5, you are known for your social spirit. You like to go out and meet new people, you have leadership skills and you don't like orders. You have a high intelligence and make good decisions, but you don't like it at all when others don't keep their promises.