This is the most common job in Albania

2023-12-11 23:40:14Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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One in seven Albanians who receive a monthly salary work as a salesperson, waiter, administrator or manual worker. In total, there are 102 thousand employed in these professions and trades. The list is headed by salespeople in stores, with over 39,000 of them, followed by administrators in private enterprises with nearly 22,400 employees.

Almost 14,000 waiters work mainly in the most popular business in the country, that of cafes, while the number of manual and auxiliary workers is estimated at almost 27,000.

Shpëtim Agolli, former president of the Association of Small and Medium Businesses, says to A2 CNN: "In the economy, employment is an indicator of its structure. We all know that Albania has the highest number of coffee bars in the region. After the pandemic, in other countries the number of coffee bars decreased, in ours it increased".

Data from the General Directorate of Taxes meanwhile shows the least widespread professions in the country, which are impersonators, community health assistant, bacteriologist for food products, pipe fitter and conductor for vocal groups.

"It's about supply and demand. As long as social care receives less attention, there will consequently be fewer people employed. The same applies to other profiles", added Agolli.

These profession profiles, indicative of an economy based on service businesses, for representatives from this sector are related to the financial structure of Albania: "They are the result of policies that have not been able to take the economy to another level. Therefore, today we have a backward economy that does not produce".

Data from the Institute of Statistics show that almost 87% of businesses in the country are focused on trade, food service, accommodation, transport and communication./A2CNN