Maria De Filipi presents Kledi Kadi on 'Amici': He will be the moderator of the Albanian 'Sanremo'

2023-12-11 20:34:18Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Kledi Kadiu

Kledi Kadiu will be one of the presenters of the 62nd song festival on Albanian Radio Television.

Maria De Filipi in one of the most important Italian media "Canale 5" has presented the Albanian choreographer Kledi Kadiu, as this year's presenter of the most important event of Albanian light music, the Song Festival. The presentation was made live in one of the most popular shows for the Italian public "Amici" where young Italian talents are highlighted.

"This will be the Albanian who will present the festival in Albania this year. We wish you much success", she said.

Klejdi Kadiu will take to the stage of the biggest Albanian festival for the first time as a presenter, and this certainly marks an innovation in the way the 62nd song festival will come, full of surprises beyond the extraordinary performances of the composers and selected singers. It is rumored that 3 other moderators will join the stage with Kadi to present. The 62nd RTSH festival is held from December 19-22.