Mirush Kabashi's daughter shows the last bequest left to her by her father

2023-12-11 09:51:22Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Mendi and Mirush Kabashi

Mendi Kabashi, the daughter of Mirush Kabashi, who passed away on December 5, in an interview for Euronews Albania, emphasized that the greatest asset left behind by her father is the family.

She also showed the last bequest left by her father, which is to start the path in her passion, art.

" He fought hard until the end, he fought for us, for the public. The stage was his life. It was not only a profession but part of life. All the time he was repeating the lyrics, he was very passionate about it. The audience was his big family. I am very grateful to everyone who has supported him. For us, he has left the greatest wealth in the world, which is his name. We were very close. His life was divided between the stage and his family. Mirushi and I were not just father and son, we were also friends. I have learned a lot from him. Mirushi always said it takes 99% work and 1% talent.

The passion that was devoted to small things, which made him a very great man. It was always a great pride whenever I said my last name. We understood each other without speaking. I had a lot of passion for art, but I didn't follow my dream to the end. Mirushi had other plans for me and I didn't want to upset him. I'm not sorry, but that doesn't mean I'm late. Until the last moment, he told me that I will leave, but it will be you, you will be the one who will replace me" - she said.