Arbër Hajdari, father for the first time

2023-12-10 17:22:16Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Value and Arbër Hajdari

Arbër Hajdari, invited to "Let me talk" gave the good news that he will soon become a father and also revealed the gender. He and his partner, Vlera, will become parents of a daughter.

"I will become a father very soon and I will celebrate these holidays differently", said Arbri and continued: "God accepted my prayer." I wanted to become the father of a girl and I will have a girl".

He said that his thinking and priorities have changed in recent months, since a child will be born.

Arbri has been in a relationship with his partner, Vlera Devolli for a long time and has admitted that she makes him very happy.

He stated that she has a special character and that they met together in Kosovo, for work matters.