The loss of his mother, as rarely does Eno Popi confess the hostage he has left

2023-12-09 15:46:28Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Eno Popi

Eno Popi, as never before, told "Dancing With the Stars" an extremely emotional event.

The moderator shared a moment before his mother's death, a moment that was held hostage.

"It was May 2014, a call from my father, telling us that my mother was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor. It's moving the earth on your feet. In the last few weeks I have had to hold two portraits, a smile of hope and a desire to move on, and when I walked out the doors of the hospital, a sadness that was immense.

I had to fight with exactly this, to show we'd make it, it's gonna get better, even though we knew it wouldn't.

I always wonder why we didn't take a trip last time, he loved to travel. I told him okay, I'd take the car, a chance to sit alone and talk.

The doctors are off on November 28-29, and they told me to do the chemotherapy earlier. I strongly hoped that it would be well and we would keep our travel plan. The fall was obvious, the bed became the place that never got up, where God then took him after him and that unrealized journey, sometimes I say with only, why...

We knew how things would go but we would have a moment together, we would have a memory... "I lost it," Eno confessed.

In the DTWS studio, in attendance, the jury and Bora were thrilled, with the latter complimenting her for the courage to tell this story.

"I believe they see us a lot, and in the situation I've been through, others are trying hard to fight with life, everyone wants to see their people for as long as possible, I want to say one thing: enjoy your parents, enjoy your family," Eno said.