"I am a father of two children, I have a 16-year-old son", the true family story of "Buchi" of "Puputhen"

2023-12-08 13:48:19Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Albina held the next meeting outside the "Për'puthen" studio with Andy, one of the new contestants who has joined the love program.

Albina and Andy, otherwise known as Buçi, decided to relax in a winter pool. They enjoyed being next to each other in their bathrobes.

Buçi confessed for the first time his family history and that he is the father of two sons, 16 and 5 years old.

He said that emigration has been difficult for him. Touched Andy said that his father was a doctor in Albania and his mother a teacher, but in America they were forced to work as cleaners.

He confessed that he became a father at the age of 17 and learned about his partner's pregnancy only when she was 9 months old. "Her sister, she told my father," he said.

He describes his son as a blessing who saved him from death.

Andy goes on to say that he hasn't seen his sons in 5 years and that they live with his mother in America while their mother gets on with her life.

Buçi: That's how I always asked you

Albina: How?

Butch: Smiling. You don't come across something so perfect every day.

Albina: What will you tell me more about yourself?

Buçi: That I have a big heart

Albina: We saw that, and that you have room for everyone

Buçi: What about you, we know very little

Albina: I am a very good girl, I am the child of old age. I'm a little spoiled. I live with my parents, who are elderly today

Buçi felt comfortable with Albina, so much so that for the first time, he revealed the secret, which left everyone speechless.

"I am the father of two sons," he said at the meeting.

Buçi: I have two bags. You deserve to say it. The eldest is 16 years old. I became a father at the age of 17. That's how things came to me

Albina: Why, there are methods to remove it

Buçi: It is a gift from God

Buçi: It's half past four, five

Buçi: I had a friend. I was young, I didn't know anything.

Albina: Do you have the same friend? You don't think you have anything to do with that chick

Buçi: Things have happened since 2011

In the studio, the competitor confessed that for five years, he has not met his children.

"The boys are staying with my mom today. I haven't met them for five years, but I talk to them every day," he said.